Lost wedding band found Aledo, TX

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Received this email from Brandon on June 12, 2019, he lost his wedding band on June 8, 2019.

I was wondering if I could solicit your help finding my wedding ring.  Problem is I do not know exactly where I lost it but I noticed it gone when playing frisbee with a dog in my parents backyard.  It’s possible that it fell off then or it’s also possible I lost it somewhere else.  I’d like to see if you could come search their backyard.  They live in Aledo on a large lot.  I gave it my best with a $80 metal detector from Academy and a video from YouTube but was unsuccessful.
Thank you,
Brandon Skinner
I was able to go out to his dads house on June 14, 2019.
it was a pretty big yard but found his ring after about 20 minutes.
Glad I could help you Brandon, thank you for the reward!!!

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