Lost ring in Sudbury MA "It was Grandpas"

  • from Boston (Massachusetts, United States)

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This really nice guy in Sudbury MA called me the other day and said he lost his wedding ring while playing ultimate Frisbee. The ring was his Grandads and was obviously irreplaceable. When I got to the fields we met and he showed me an area extending from the parking lot to about 200 or 250 yards away. Oh boy I thought. We started where he thought he had lost it first and by the time we went from one end of a designated area to the very end I could tell he was getting disillusioned. The truth is I went a few feet past the designated area by chance and I got a nickle signal that defaulted my detector. I grinned to myself squatted down and saw a shimmer of gold. He was a happy camper as was I!

2 Replies to “Lost ring in Sudbury MA “It was Grandpas””

  1. Chris Turner says:

    That could have been a very long search…Way to go on a great recovery Guy!

  2. Shane Bussmann says:

    Thank you so much Guy! I owe you forever!

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