Holland State Park, Michigan lost wedding ring recovered

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FullSizeRender (11)“Before the sunset twice the ring will be found” that was my goal. The ring was lost Saturday afternoon the sun set and Sunday before the sun set again the ring was found. I got an email from Jennifer K. while at a family gathering 70 miles away from the Park. I called Jennifer right away and she said they were at the beach celebrating the future marriage of a friend. While laying on the beach she applied some sunblock then went down to the water, up to her waist, to cool off. She noticed her ring on her right hand was coming off and adjusted it then noticed her wedding ring was gone.

Fortunately for her a friend took a picture of all of them on their blankets.image2 So that gave us, (Tom Townsend, Dave B. and myself), a reference as to where to look. Jennifer contacted both Tom Townsend and myself from the Ring Finders directory. I called up my detecting partner to meet me at the Park because I was 70 miles away. Before I got to the Park both Tom and Dave entered the water between the buoy reference that Jennifer had given us and checked up to waist deep water. When I arrived Tom was on a grid South of the referenced area and Dave started gridding North to South over the referenced area and I started my grid going East and West from the referenced area to the water. After I arrived it was about 30 minutes of gridding and Dave and I met almost at the same spot and there it was right where it was suspected of coming off. 0726151945

After the ring was found,0726151946 Dave went home and Tom and I entered the water to see if we could find some more rings. The first signal Tom got was a nice men’s Titanium wedding band.  The night ended as the sun set for the second time since the ring was lost and a call was made to Jennifer that her ring was found. We made arrangements for her to pick it up the next day when we will get a picture of her for our book of smiles.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great team work guys! Way to get in there and find that smile!!

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