Byron Center, Michigan yields lost ring

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

While reading on Facebook I saw a post with my name on it. A friend referred my services to a man who lost his wedding ring three weeks ago while cleaning his pool. I messaged Dawn K. the wife of Dan K. and offered to come out and help find his ring. Dawn K. sent a message back to tell me a neighbor had a detector and was going to try to find it and if he couldn’t she would message me back. They also wanted to check around the house at some places that it could be. A day later Dawn K. messaged me and said she would like me to come out and search for the ring.

My brother Doug and I arrived at the house and introduced ourselves to Dawn and then got down to work. The usual questions were asked what, where, when, how. I first checked the leaves in the trash that came of the pool cover and found them to be clean. Then walked around the house and Dawn showed me where she threw leaves in the woods from the pool cover and then checked leaf piles around the pool that were left over from the pool cleaning. After three weeks of resting under some leaves by the pool the ring gave us a signal and said “you found me!”

We walked around to the front of the house where Dan and Dawn were standing and presented the ring. Needless to say the smiles came out and Dan couldn’t believe we found it so soon or at all. Dan was talking to some customers who also were very impressed and showed them the ring. It was time to get a picture of the ring and of Dan and Dawn for our book of smiles.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice job Gregg! It’s always nice when others have searched for it and can’t find it and you do…Because of that you found 1 ring and 2 big smiles!

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