Lost ring remains lost in Clay Township, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I was called by Kelli C. Friday asking me to find her ring that was lost last spring while doing some yard work. I told her we (Me, Dave B and my brother Doug) would be out Saturday morning to search for her ring. She had mentioned that her yard was 3 acres and her house was over 100 years old and that anything we found besides the ring we could keep.

We arrived at the house at 10:30 and met Jim C., Kelli’s husband, Jim explained that Kelli was up north buying chickens at a poultry festival. Kelli, now known as the chicken lady, raises chickens for pets and eggs with a few ducks added in. We began detecting the yard which Kelli marked for us where she thought the ring might be. The grounds were peppered with aluminum nuggets, like they were melted into balls and other junk metal pieces. We searched for about an hour and a half before Kelli got home then we introduced ourselves while she unloaded the 3 new chickens she bought. I had the privilege of holding 2 of them and taking them to the pen. They were like petting an angora kitten, very soft and silky and loved to be held. (see picture). We searched for another couple of hours, for as old as the house was there was very little coins found and nothing old. We turned everything over to Kelli. My brother Doug did find a pair of sterling silver ice tongs that Kelli lost 4 years ago and that was the find of the day and made Kelli very happy. Meeting Jim and Kelli was a real privilege, they are a great couple. Maybe we will come out for another search but the 2 1/2 hour trip makes it hard to arrange.  I will put this on my list of “needs to be found at another time”.




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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Sounds like a very tough search due to the size of the location it was lost in and the aluminum nuggets…

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