Platinum wedding band recovered in South Haven, Lake Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Wow! what a find today. I not only found the ring for Todd S. but got a steak dinner out of the deal. I was called by a fellow Ring Finder, Tom Townsend, who originally got the call but because of his work schedule could not make the search. I called Kimm, Todd’s sister-in-law, around 5PM and after talking to her made arrangements to go down to South Haven, MI at 9AM the next morning. The weather at the moment was warm and the big lake was very calm so I decided to make the 50 mile trip right away that evening. I called my detecting partner, Dave B., and we got our gear together and got down to South Haven about 6:30PM giving us a good 2 hours to hunt before sunset.

We met Kimm and Todd’s wife Jennifer and their other sister Melissa and the kids at the lake and they directed us to the spot and there in the lake was Todd who had goggles and a snorkel and had been in the water for over 5 hours looking for his ring. Dave and I began our search using a grid method and in about 20 minutes I got a good signal on my CZ21, I scooped up the sand and there it was a beautiful platinum ring with 7 diamonds. Todd was about 3 feet from me and I raised my hand with the ring and got a big bear hug from him. It was a very emotional moment from a giant of a man. After some happy faces and pictures taken, even by tourist, we were invited to dinner at their vacation home down the street.

After everyone went back to the house Dave and I searched the water for a little while as the Lake was calm and the weather was great. We changed into our dry clothes and went to Todd’s vacation home and met the rest of the family. This was an Italian family from Pingree Grove, IL and when they get together it is a meal that was meant for a king. We had Filet Mignon and all the trimmings. Kimm had grown most of the salad items from her 4000 square foot garden. With the meal and great conversation, that lasted late into the evening, we wrapped up a great search event and headed back to Grand Rapids. Thank you Tom T. for the referral.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Steak Dinner sure sounds good! Way to go on the recovery and a shout out to Tom Townsend for the referral…It’s great that together we can help so many!

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