Ring found on soccer field Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Kameswari S. called me yesterday and said he lost his wedding ring while playing soccer with his friends at a local soccer field. I was across the state at the time and told him I would meet him Sunday afternoon at the field. He was wearing his ring on his right hand because he hurt his ring finger. Sek, as he is called by his friends was playing goalie and apparently stopped the ball and then threw it back out into play. After talking to Sek and going over all scenarios, I checked the back of the goal then the goal area itself. After about an hour in the hot sun I went to get a drink and then gridded off the playing area away from the goal where I figured the ring might have landed with a good throw from the goal. After several sweeps I got a good signal and hidden in the grass was the gold wedding ring with a diamond. His teammates helped him look for the ring yesterday but it was too well hidden to see it by the naked eye. Now Sek can tell his wife he lost his ring but recovered it to wear again.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Good search Gregg…Its a process of elimination when it comes down to grid searching for someone’s lost ring… Congratulations!

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