Lost Engagement Ring, Versluis Park, Grand Rapids, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

I was on my way home from my daughters house when I got a call from Laura B. I could tell she was tearing up as she told me she lost her engagement ring at the park. She was turning the ring around on her finger when all of a sudden it popped off and landed in the beach sand. Searching frantically with her mom and husband to no avail they decided to go to Walmart and get a detector but they didn’t have any so they searched the web and found the ringfinders. I told Laura I could make it to the lake in 20 minutes and changed my course and headed that way.

Arriving at the lake I was greeted by Bob the park manager and he directed me to Laura who started tearing up again. She showed me where to search and I began. I used my Fisher F75 and got so much interference that I had to go to my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger on All Metal setting. I was looking for a white gold ring with and heirloom diamond given to her by her grandmother. I started to grid a 10 foot section without success and went the opposite direction still came up empty. I asked her once again to stand where she lost the ring and show me how she lost it. I then expanded the search to 20 feet and went one way then turned the grid the opposite way. Laura’s mom, Karen, followed me this time and as I swept the grid she noticed a glimmer in the sand from the sun, I must have kicked up the sand enough while missing the hit and mom said “there it is”!

Tears started to pour from Laura as she hug her mom and then me thanking me so much for coming right away. Mom was the real hero this time.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Gregg…Lot’s of times people spot it the same time you do if its exposed…The smiles say’s it all…Best, Chris

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