Fathers Day ring recovered in Bloomfield Township, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Last week I was given a phone number of a gentleman who lost his ring. This was a special ring, the father, Mike G., gave his 16 year old daughter an ounce of silver, she wanted to make a ring for him. After her labor of love, she was finished and she presented Mike the ring on Fathers day. Mike was wearing the ring when he went gardening, he planted 4 rose bushes and weeded 2 flower beds in his back yard then went down to his Wing Lake access to clear weeds and moss from the lake. Somewhere in one of these spots the ring came off. I gave Mike a call and arranged a trip to his home in Bloomfield Township near Detroit. It was a 300 mile round trip but I have made several of these in the passed 3 years. My partner Dave B. and I got to his house about 2 hours ahead of the appointment time so we could search the lake access first. It was my hunch that that is where he lost it as he was pulling weeds in the water. After 2 hours of a searching of an area of about 50 feet by 20 feet we came up with a lot of odd junk pieces and several coins. We bagged that up and gave it to Mike when we met him at his house. He proceeded to show us where he was weeding and we went to work. I took out my pro Pointer and went around all the flower plants to no avail then got my metal detector and started through the flower beds. Dave checked the weeds that were in the trash and then detected the yard. About 5 minutes into my search of the first flower bed I found what I thought was a piece of pipe it seemed to be too large for a ring. Cleaning it off I noticed it was sliver and it had a small what looked like a leaf on it. I motioned to Dave to look at it and  I said “do you think this is the ring”? It was indeed the ring after Mike’s confirmation of it. It turned out to be a happy day for Mike as he had not told his daughter yet that the ring was lost.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    What a great story and recovery! What a very cool ring with a very special connection…Way to go Gregg & Dave

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