Ring recovered in Ada, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

photo (4)I got a call from Dawn C. a month ago to find a ring that her Son-in-law lost while playing with his dog in a foot of snow in the back yard. I made arrangements to come out to look for the ring and after trudging through a foot or better of snow I found it was too difficult to swing my detector due to a crust of ice about 6 inches below the fluffy snow. Glen F. had put his ring in an inside pocket of his jacket because he didn’t want to loose it throwing the ball to his dog. When he went back into the house he noticed that the pocket had a hole in it and his ring fell out while in the back yard. The ring was made by an independent jeweler named Michael Perry in Dublin, Ireland, where Glen is from. He made matching rings for him and his wife, Reagan, of grey gold and steel, a type of metal of his own creation.  This was a special loss to Glen. I told him I would be back after a thaw and find his ring. It has now been a month later and it was 45 degrees today and the snow pack has gone down and made it easier to detect. I brought along my detecting friend, Dave B., to help in the search. After about 15 minutes into the search Dave got a signal about 66 on his AT Pro and asked me to check it out because he dug down and couldn’t find anything. I used my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger on ALL METAL mode and got a signal. I dug a little deeper in the hole and there it was about a foot down in the snow. Glen was at work so I asked Dawn, Glen’s mother-in-law to show the ring for our book of smiles. It is always a pleasure to help someone find their lost treasure.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Team work…Way to go! Nice recovery…Best, Chris Turner

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