Ring find wrapped up in Howell, MI

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Barb W. emailed me after loosing her heirloom special made diamond wedding ring. While cleaning her basement in her condo, organizing Christmas decorations and sorting some books she assumed she had lost her ring there. After going back up stairs and doing some more cleaning she noticed the ring missing. She went on line and located theringfinders. Telling me the story again over the phone I agreed to travel the hour and a half to help her find the ring. I have helped a gentleman find his ring in his basement before so I had an idea how I wanted to approach this. I had the gentleman clean one end of the basement and then start bringing items from one side onto the cleared out side while examining each item first. He remembered hearing the ring hit the concrete but disappeared from view. He found the ring had bounced into a corner by a box and moving the box around produced the ring. It was a simple procedure then, but finding Barbs ring was a little bit harder. I retraced her movements around the basement going through a bookcase, Christmas decorations, art work in boxes and a three drawer cabinet. Unable to find the ring I ask Barb to think real hard about what she did that day and to retrace her actions.  She then remembered wrapping a package upstairs and went to the box of wrapping material and there it was.

With tears in her eyes she yelled “I found it”. Mark, her husband was all smiles and I got teary eyed with happiness. It is the greatest feeling finding a lost ring even if it wasn’t me that found it.IMG-20140217-00448


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Well done Gregg…As you know a lot of our searches become detective work and even though you didn’t personally find the ring yourself… it was because of your questions and making her reflect on the day that helped her locate the ring in the end…
    Happy Hunting! Chris Turner

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