Lost wedding ring found in Oregon creek

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

Late on Saturday evening I received a call from Tanner, asking if I could help finding his lost wedding ring. During an unexpected heat spell, he and his wife had gone to one of our beautiful Oregon parks to enjoy some cooling waters.
After their time there, he discovered his custom engraved Tungsten wedding ring was missing.

We exchanged a few texts and agreed to meet there on Sunday afternoon.
I loaded up my detectors, and my waders, and and headed for the park. I arrived earlier than our agreed upon time, so texted Tanner for more details on the possible location they had been in.
I began grinding the creek, working the pretty steady current. For a popular park, the creek bed was surprisingly clean, with just two pull-tabs found.

Shortly later, Tanner and his wife arrived and found me, probably because I was the only person in the water with a metal detector.
Turns out I was not in the right area.
They took me to the correct location, showing me where they had placed their chairs, and waded into the creek, adding a few more details about their activities.
Tanner told me it wasn’t until they were driving home when he noticed his ring was missing. They had resigned themselves the ring was gone, when Tanner’s wife did a google search about finding a lost ring, landing on Ringfinders.

In the correct spot, Tanner waded into the creek, and his wife was was on her hands and knees searching through the grass where they had placed their chairs. I used the Equinox to scan through the grass, and only got trashy signals, or deep ones.

I ventured into the creek, finding a pull-tab and a dime. A bit further upstream I got that sweet signal in my headphones, and in the knee deep water, there was the black Tungsten ring in the gravel of the creek bed. I called over to Tanner and pointed it out, and he immediately scooped it out of the water.

So happy to see a nice young couple reunited with a precious memory though lost forever.

Thank you for your generosity, and best wishes for the new addition to your family.


Oregon ring found

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