Right place, right time!

  • from Orange (California, United States)

I had just finished my time detecting at Newport Beach, and was heading back to the car and still swinging in the dry sand, when two young ladies approached me and asked if my detector could find Silver? I said it sure can, and then Kiley proceeded to tell me that she had lost her Silver ring that her Grandmother had given her, earlier in the day and if I could help her find it.

I asked her to show me the area, and she seemed to know about where it was, but I said that there were no towel marks or indication that they had been sitting there and she said she lost it earlier in the day. I figured it was probably still there, as I had not seen anyone else detecting the dry sand, and there were so many people there earlier, I doubt anyone had found it yet. I said I am a member of TheRingFinders.com and do this stuff a lot, and her and her friend had no idea a web site for this existed.

I asked her to walk a rectangle where she thought it would be and I started gridding it…. After about 5 minutes, I found a ring! I took it over to her and her friends and she said that was not it, and they had found that one earlier when they were searching with their hands! Why did they throw it back? She said it was OK and didn’t want me to spend too much time, it was probably just lost, and I said I would keep searching. They seemed ready to leave, so I told her if she gave me her number, I would text her if I found it and she did.

I went back to the area and finished the rectangle, with no luck, so I started going around the outside of the rectangle, expanding it to see if maybe it was just outside that area. After two enlarging passes around the outside, bingo, I found a silver ring with waves on it. I called Kiley and asked her what the ring looked like (she had never told me) and she said it had waves on it. I said “I have your ring in my hand!” She was thrilled and said “I am right behind you, we haven’t left yet!” and she came over to claim her ring.

Since I found nothing else tonight at the beach, I was glad to have returned her ring to her, and went home happy too.

Happy Customer!

Her Grandmother’s Ring

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