Lost white gold and diamond engagement ring, Hamburg, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Mason and his family were at a bar-b-cue at a friend’s house in Hamburg,NJ.His Wife’s engagement ring was lost on the front lawn. At that point is was all hands on deck and he and his friends searched without finding the ring.
His friend had an entry level metal detector and they looked for the ring the next day without finding it again.
After locating me on the Ringfinders website we arranged to meet at the site.
They had a good idea of the area the Ring was lost in. I began my grid search of the lawn and found the ring after 45 minutes. His wife was certain she would never see the ring again, so you could imagine the joy its’ recovery caused the whole family. It is so satisfying to return a precious lost item to someone who has lost hope in ever seeing the item again. Like I told Mason at the start, “If the ring is here, I will find it !”