Found lost platinum wedding band, Mendham, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Todd was playing with his son in his backyard. They were using a bubble kit to blow giant bubbles. While doing this his hands became wet with the slippery bubble solution.

It was 2 hours later that Todd realized his platinum wedding band had fallen off! He searched the area without finding the ring. He checked the internet and found me on The Ringfinders directory. We met at his home and he had marked the area of his healthy, thick lawn that they had been playing in. My detector located his ring after several passes over the area. Todd and his wife were very happy with the ring being found.

He was sure he would not have located the ring without my help, as it had been stepped on and was buried in the thatch layer of the lawn. It couldn’t hide from my detector though!