Lost gold men’s wedding band found Forest Hills,N.Y.

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Marc was cleaning snow from his car after a recent storm. He did not have gloves on and he shook the cold water off of his hands and realized his gold wedding band had fallen off! He heard a clink of metal to metal , but searching in the dark, he could not find the ring.

Marc searched the internet under lost Ring and was directed to the Ringfinder website. Forest Hills is in Queens, NY and not really my area, the local person was vacationing in Florida, so Marc called me in New Jersey. I met him at the site and proceeded to search the immediate area around the cars. After no success in that area I agreed to search on the other side of a chain link fence and had to check individual hand fulls of snow from next to the fence. My pinpointer told me I had a target in the snow and there was Marc’s ring!

Marc was elated to have his ring back and we celebrated another successful Ring return.