Pleasantville New York-Platinum engagement ring return

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Lisa’s ring

Lisa and Cameron reunited with her beautiful ring

Lisa is a school teacher and she was very happy to hear that her school trip was taking place at a park a couple miles from her home. While playing with the children, she threw a beach ball and as the ball left her hands-so did her engagement ring! Much frantic searching ensued, including the help of the park employees after which the lost ring was not located. Lisa’s husband Cameron was then enlisted in the search. He purchased an inexpensive metal detector and looked for the ring without success.

Cameron found out about The Ringfinders and contacted me. We arranged to meet and after the drive to the park, the search was on. As I normally do, I had brought 2 detectors along to have  another tool at my disposal. I asked Cameron if he would want to join me in locating the ring. He agreed to use my spare machine and after a brief lesson in how to use the detector we began our search. After 40 minutes of searching and many errant signals Cameron told me he had a signal that sounded promising. I verified the signal with my detector and after looking through the grass, there was her ring below a shallow layer of soil. Needless to say they were both very happy. Lisa told me she thought we would never find it! But with her husband’s help, we had another successful ring return. the ring is a beautiful Platinum ring with an emerald cut diamond. As always the look of amazement and happiness on the faces of this young couple was priceless!