Lost engagement ring recovered-Lake Waywayanda, West Milford,N.J.

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Kate was running as part of a team in an all night relay race. Part of the 8 mile loop ran across a fresh water beach. In the light rain , her hand had shrunk so her ring was on loosely. As she ran over the beach, she felt her ring fall off. This was a beautiful white gold ring with a star sapphire and diamonds and had tremendous sentimental value to Kate and her husband.
They searched  for the ring in daylight but could not locate it.
She contacted me through the Ringfinders website and arranged to meet at the beach at Lake Waywayanda.
She had an idea where the ring came off, so I picked up my favorite detector and began my grid. We searched two 100ft sections before I moved to the 3rd section of the beach, swung over a small pile of sand and got a 57-60 signal. I told her I had a signal, but sounds too low for your ring . Brushed away 2 inches of sand and there was the ring!
Kate was extremely happy and told me she was certain that I would not find it. Proved her wrong there!

We took pictures and she called her husband to tell him the good news. Smiles all around including a happy couple that were watching the entire search from the edge of the beach.
What a great feeling to return something that means so much!