A little help from your friends! eyeglass recovery-Dobbs Ferry,NY

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Gui had viewed the Ringfinder directory and contacted me to locate his lost Titanium framed glasses. He had been having fun with his son in the backyard and his glasses got wet,so he rested them on top of his head. In the excitement , they fell off and he tried to find them to no avail.The backyard slopes steeply and is covered in Pachysandra ground cover cover.

I arrived and set up to find his glasses. My wife, Susan had accompanied me as we planned on attending a local craft fair afterwards. After an hour of my searching through the ground cover, she decided to look herself. Within 5 minutes she found the glasses laying on the ground in an area I wasn’t even searching. Another satisfied customer for the Ringfinders. Gui was very happy to get his glasses returned and it was smiles all around. Thank you Sue!

Fred,Gui and glasses

Sue and Gui all smiles!