Lost Necklace found in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Susan who was quite distraught about losing her necklace. The one she bought when she was 21. Now, 43 years later, the necklace was lost when she swiped at our seriously nasty mosquitoes. After searching herself using a rake in the grass she looked for help and found me.  I came out the next day and she brought me to where she lost it. She knew where it was because she marked the path with a chalk X (Brilliant!) The path turned out to be the paved path that travels the length of the provincial park in our city. Dozens, even hundreds of people used the path between when the necklace was lost and when I arrived.  Susan began her own search and I set up my detector to search the grass along the edge of the path. I had barely begun when I caught a glint of gold on the pathway. I pulled out my camera and captured the moment when she received her necklace.

Here is a note from Susan

The evening of July 25/20, I lost my necklace in Fish Creek Park, Calgary. On a Google search I found Evan’s name, and phoned him the next afternoon.
Evan met me in the park a couple of hours after phoning him.  I did have the location marked where I lost my necklace, and with Evan’s experience,  found it in no time.  Evan is a skilled professional, who genuinely cares.  I felt very comfortable around him.  I highly recommend Evan’s services.
Thank you Evan.
Sincerely, Susan