Lost Ring outside of Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

June 17/20 I received a call from a gentleman that had lost his ring in tall grass on a farm where he was doing some siding. The thing about the ring that makes this so important was that he was the fourth generation owner. It belonged to his great grandfather and has been passed down until it reached him. On top of that, the initials on the ring are that same as his and each generation before.

After searching several days, and mowing the grass down, he still had not found it. That’s when he called me.  We met in Langdon and drove the 7 km to the farm. I grabbed my gear and we walked to the spot. He described how he had shaken his hand and where he believed it had flown.

Two short passes over the 10 square metre space and a little over the edge into the tall grass and sure enough there it was. The owner was ecstatic.  It is so much fun to put a smile on someone’s face!!!