Lost Pendant found in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Second Time’s a Charm.

May 14, 2020– I was given a reference from another detectorist that had tried to help earlier in the day. Lena had lost a very small white gold pendant off her necklace when it was snagged on a tree branch while mowing the lawn. When I called her she was hesitant as there was only an hour left of light and she had an early start to her next day at work. Besides, the other detectorist had spent a couple of hours and had searched the entire yard. I told I would get there asap and would quit when she needed to call it a night. She agreed. When I arrived, I asked all kinds of questions and had her show me what happened. Based on her description, I was pretty sure it would be very close to where it happened. Using the sniper coil proved to be the right tool. After 10 minutes of searching, even the faintest signals, we came across one about two steps from where it happened. Deep in the grass among the roots was a tiny glint. At first I thought it was tinfoil, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be her pendant. Her first anniversary gift from her boyfriend. I know we are doing the covid social distancing thing, but I didn’t have a chance.  She gave me the biggest hug while I was still kneeling on the ground. It felt great to get a hug and great to help someone out.

This is what Lena said.

I was mowing my lawn and a tree branch caught my necklace and broke the chain, my diamond pendant was gone. I searched for hours through the thick grass with no luck. I was very upset as my boyfriend gave it to me on our first anniversary . Someone suggested I get a hold of the metal detecting club. One guy came out and searched my entire yard with  no luck. He told me it would be hard to find as it was half the size of a pinky nail and was white gold with diamonds and wouldn’t put off a strong signal.  I thought it was gone forever. Then I got a call from Evan and he convinced me to have him come out and take a look. I was so happy and astounded that he was able to find it in 20 minutes. thanks Evan, you put the biggest smile on my face.