Lost Women's Diamond White Gold Wedding Ring – Nags Head - Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from Brooks who said that he and his wife were visiting from western NC.  While she was on the beach he said that she was doing something and felt her ring flick off of her hand.  They looked and looked…even sifting the sand with a colander to try to find the ring.  No luck.

I told Brooks that I would be right over and loaded the Equinox 800 in the truck.  It took me a while to get down to Nags Head but once I did, I met Brooks at the access point and he filled me in on the details.

I fired up the Minelab machine and went to work.  Almost immediately I got a good 9 to ring up but it was deeper that I expected the ring to be…so I continued on the sweep for a while.  Getting no other hits, I returned to the 9 and dug around in the sand with my hands.  Low and behold a ring popped out.

I asked Brooks if that was it.  Yes, Yes it was, and what a beautiful ring.  His wife met us at the access parking lot and they were both overjoyed.  I love getting rings back to their owners.