Two rings found in Cincinnati, Ohio, late this afternoon!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received an early text regarding a ring lost recently in the front yard of a home. Already having a busy day planned, I told them I would call if I could get away in the afternoon and luckily, I was able to search after 5pm. The family were all at an afternoon football game, but they described the area where they believed the ring should most likely be, and they allowed me to start my search as soon as I got there.  Following their directions, I recovered the ring within about 20 minutes, and so I just sent them a text with a photo of the ring on my detector. Their responding call came quickly, and they were elated! We were lucky and I was glad to have been able to help them.

Having found that first ring, I responded to another texter who wrote that he had lost his wedding ring while assisting a neighbor taking down a large tree. I let the gentleman know that I had been lucky and found the ring I had been searching for, and so I was able to come and search for his ring. When we met, he told me about the work that had been done and he pointed out the areas he believed the ring could possibly be. I was going to start out front, but he said he was pretty sure we should start at his neighbors near where they had cut down the tree, as he had been taking his gloves off and putting them on again all day long. We walked to his neighbors, and the neighbor came out to meet with us and we talked about the size of the tree and the area they had been working, which was significant. Knowing this ring could be anywhere in that fairly large area, I said I would start a grid search of the entire area. The ring owner started walking home and as I turned to get started my detector gave a strong signal, I looked down and right in front of me on the ground was the ring. I quickly snatched it up and showed the neighbor as I started walking along behind the owner with the ring behind my back. The neighbor said out loud “I can’t believe it” and the owner turned and said ‘What?” I held up the ring and he said “What?” and then he focused on my hand and said “You found it? What, did that take like four minutes”. None of us could believe our luck!

Not all ring finds go quite this smoothly, but when they do, it is a pleasure to be able to return these treasures!

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