Douglas Owens

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

There is a $25.00 fee to cover my costs and I hunt on a reward basis, you donate what you feel it is worth to you if I find your lost item. All searches are performed with the permission of the property owners.

Search Types

Will search on land and in warm shallow water to 4 feet.

Search Locations

Cincinnati, OH & the Tri-State Area.

Douglas Owens's Bio

A life long hunter, I have been metal detecting since 1999. I have successfully located coins, jewelry and keepsakes. I have several modern discriminating detectors and the experience to locate your ring quickly as long as you know the general area where you lost it. I look forward to helping you find your lost treasures.

Douglas Owens - Recent Blog Post

  • Tossed And Found – Engagement Ring, Cincinnati, Ohio (2020)

    Kasey was refreshingly honest when she explained how her ring was lost and with the circumstances and area defined, we both had high hopes we would be successful in recovering her engagement ring. Kasey explained it this way: “I had gotten into an argument with my fiance. I’m pregnant and my hormones are crazy! Well, […]

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  • Wedding ring lost years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio – FOUND! (2019)

    I received a call from a gentleman who said he was preparing to move from his home but prior to doing so he hoped I could help him to search one more time for his wedding ring. His story: “Around five years ago, I was playing basketball in the driveway with my two sons. I […]

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  • Wedding ring lost while shooting hoops in Cincinnati – Recovered! (2019)

    I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman who had lost his wedding ring while playing basketball with his sons at his home. He told me he had felt the ring slip off of his finger while dunking a ball and that he thought that it may have bounced off of his leg as […]

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  • Sentimental Ring recovered, Cincinnati Ohio (2019)

    I received a call on a Sunday morning from a young lady regarding a ring that had been lost the night before. While swimming in a creek with friends, she said she had felt her ring slip off of her finger. After searching for hours with three friends she headed home discouraged, fearing that her […]

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  • Grandmother’s Ring Recovered, Cincinnati, Ohio (2019)

    I received an email late Monday evening with a photo of the site where this ring was lost and suggestions for beginning my search if I could help search for it. It turned out that I work very close to the site where the ring was lost and so I replied that I would search […]

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