Douglas Owens

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

There is a $25.00 fee to cover my costs and I hunt on a reward basis, you donate what you feel it is worth to you if I find your lost item. All searches are performed with the permission of the property owners.

Search Types

Will search on land and in warm shallow water to 4 feet.

Search Locations

Cincinnati, OH & the Tri-State Area.

Douglas Owens's Bio

A life long hunter, I have been metal detecting since 1999. I have successfully located coins, jewelry and keepsakes. I have several modern discriminating detectors and the experience to locate your ring quickly as long as you know the general area where you lost it. I look forward to helping you find your lost treasures.

Douglas Owens - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding ring recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio (2018)

    I received a call today from a young woman who had been out shooting hoops with her family on a sunny Sunday afternoon when she discovered she had lost her wedding ring. She was certain she had lost it while playing ball in her front yard but she and her family had been unable to […]

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  • Lost wedding ring in Cincinnati, Ohio, recovered on couple’s anniversary! (2017)

    About a week before Christmas I was contacted by a young woman regarding my helping in the search for her husband’s lost wedding band. Her husband was certain his ring had beenĀ lost while he was clearing brush on their property. The area the ring had been lost in was covered with undergrowth, honeysuckle and a […]

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  • Found – Wedding Ring Lost While Raking Leaves In Cincinnati Ohio! (2017)

    On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I had been searching late for another lost wedding ring and I was headed home just after dark when I noticed a text message regarding another wedding ring that had been lost earlier that day. I happened to be within a few miles of the site and so I called […]

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  • Engagement ring lost when canoe capsized, Cincinnati, Ohio (2017)

    “Would love to get your help if you’re available. My daughter lost her engagement ring in river today when our canoe capsized. It was today, Sunday, 6/11/17. We have the exact coordinates. It’s about 15-18 inches of water. We would be eternally grateful if you could help. THANK YOU!!!”. I was knee deep in water […]

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  • Gun stolen, tossed, lost, found, Cincinnati, Ohio. (2017)

    I recently received a call from a woman who found me via our Ring Finders web site. She indicated her request was probably unlike those I normally receive and she asked if I would help with her search. She explained to me thatĀ earlier in the day, a friend had threatened her and stolen her handgun […]

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