Douglas Owens

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

There is a $25.00 fee to cover my costs and I hunt on a reward basis, you donate what you feel it is worth to you if I find your lost item. All searches are performed with the permission of the property owners.

Search Types

Will search on land and in warm shallow water to 4 feet.

Search Locations

Cincinnati, OH & the Tri-State Area.

Douglas Owens's Bio

A life long hunter, I have been metal detecting since 1999. I have successfully located coins, jewelry and keepsakes. I have several modern discriminating detectors and the experience to locate your ring quickly as long as you know the general area where you lost it. I look forward to helping you find your lost treasures.

Douglas Owens - Recent Blog Post

  • Monroe Ohio – Wedding ring lost while spreading straw – Found On Winter Solstice (2020)

    I received a call on Sunday afternoon from a homeowner who had been seeding and spreading straw on his lawn. He was certain his ring was lost while spreading the straw and that it was somewhere in his backyard. I was unable to search until Monday evening after work and when I arrived we walked […]

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  • Ring bounces into hillside brush – Recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio! (2020)

    I received this call on a recent Sunday evening and was happy to be able to respond while there was still some daylight left to search in. When I arrived the gentleman updated me on how and where the rings had been lost. His wife had been showing her rings to friends on Saturday evening […]

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  • Ring Lost Kayaking Rapids In South West Ohio – Recovered! (2020)

    I received this email late on a Monday afternoon while I was getting ready to do some dry land detecting so this call out was well timed. I drove trough a torrential, pop-up thunderstorm getting to the search site and though more storms were forecast that evening and we could hear thunder nearby while we […]

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  • Med Alert ID Found & Returned In Cincinnati, OH (2020)

    While detecting at a local lake I recovered a lost med Alert ID bracelet. I thought the number on the bracelet was incomplete but I posted a photo on a local lost and found board and one woman suggested I should try to call the potential missing numbers. I had tried most of the potential […]

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  • Pool Party Ring Loss – Recovered in SW Ohio (2020)

    I received a call today from a young lady reporting her husband had lost his tungsten wedding ring while batting a ball ball during a weekend pool outing. As he hit the ball his ring flew off of his finger and after searching unsuccessfully even having utilized a metal detector, heĀ  searched the internet and […]

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