Wedding Ring Lost While Sledding With Family, Recovered In Cincinnati, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

This gentleman messaged me today and let me know that after doing some sledding with his kids earlier in the week, he found at the end of the day, that he had lost his wedding ring. After thoroughly searching the area for about four days, he found my information on the Ring Finders website and decided to contact me.

Having planned to do some searching after work today, I had already packed my equipment and so after work when I called him back, I mentioned I could come over right away and search.

When I arrived he shared his explanation of the day sledding with his family and he showed me the sledding areas where he and his wife believed the ring would probably be. They had been searching all week and had raked some of the snow away and cleared several search areas. They had even placed flags in two spots where he and his wife thought I should start my searches because they remembered his having taken off his gloves there several times while sledding.

As it turned out, his first suggested location was where I started my search, and it was there that I located his ring.

His wedding ring was just outside of a large cleared snow circle on the hilltop and I had planned on working my grid search from outside to the center of that area!

I was happy to help, and we were all pleased that I was able to locate his ring, especially because I believe the kids were ready to do some more sledding!