Heirloom ring lost while clearing snow from car in Newport, Kentucky

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

After losing her ring while scraping her car windows, the owner searched for several hours during a snow storm, into the very early morning. I received a text requesting help searching, if possible, before work that morning.

Unfortunately, I had to dig out at my home that morning also and then I had to go to work. I was unable to help search until after completing a short shift at my second job and so I was unable to arrive until 8:30 pm that evening.

The ring was lost in front of a home in a downtown neighborhood and the streets had already been plowed during the day. Snow covered cars lined the sides of the street and most of the parking spots, if vacated during the day, were occupied again by the time I arrived.  The ring owner informed me she had rented a metal detector that morning and continued her search but that she still had not been able to locate her ring. She talked me through what had happened and where she thought the ring probably had landed when it flew from her hand. I got started searching an area about the length of a large sedan. The snow had already been searched thoroughly several times and after about fifteen minutes, I had had no luck either. Worried, I decided to widen my search area moving out into and father down the street. returning to where I had started I had just moved in the direction opposite to where we thought the ring had flown when I heard the sound I was hoping for! I located the ring with my pin pointer and was surprised to find that even after the snow plows, cars pulling into and out of the spot, and the two us us shuffling around it in the snow and slush, her mother’s ring was in perfect condition.

We were both surprised and happy!