Beautiful Ring Lost During A Snowball Fight - Recovered in Cincinnati, OH

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a text this cold Valentines Day morning from a gentleman who’s daughter had lost her small gold ring during a snowball fight the evening before. The ring was a birthday gift from her mother and she was very upset about losing it.

The young lady was certain she had lost her ring while throwing snowballs and luckily, their snow battle had been in the front yard at her home, so the search area was well defined.

When I arrived at their home, she and her father described what had happened and they walked me through the area where they believed her ring would be found. I started a south to north grid and was starting to worry as I had covered over half of the search area, when I decided to search the sidewalk edges and the lawn near the curb. I had probably taken three steps toward the street when I heard the sound I had been hoping for. Pushing my pin pointer around in the snow I was able to quickly locate her very small, beautiful gold ring!

Happy to have her ring back the grateful young lady’s smile was so big I could see it behind her mask and I was almost as happy just to have been able to help recover her ring!