Wedding ring lost years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio - FOUND!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call from a gentleman who said he was preparing to move from his home but prior to doing so he hoped I could help him to search one more time for his wedding ring.

His story: “Around five years ago, I was playing basketball in the driveway with my two sons. I was afraid I might lose my wedding ring and so placed it in a small pocket in my jacket that had a snap. We continued to play for about an hour when I reached into my pocket for the ring and it was gone. The three of us searched the entire yard, the driveway and the side yard, but found nothing. I even borrowed a friend’s metal detector and still had no luck. Since we are now in the process of selling our house, I wanted to try one last time to find the ring, so I searched the internet and found the Ring Finders. I called Doug and somehow he was available to come out that same day. He was able to find my ring just below the surface in my front yard.”

I happened to have my gear with me that day and so I offered to come over after work and search. I discussed the loss with the gentleman’s two sons and his wife and they walked me through what they remembered of the day the ring was lost. I started a slow grid search of the area where they felt the ring would have possibly ended up and after about thirty minutes I was getting worried. There was a lot of metal in the yard and after widening my search pattern, ‘boom’, my detector indicated a very strong signal that was close to the surface and much stronger than I would have imagined a ring would make. After carefully cutting a wide plug, thinking it was possibly a can, I flipped the plug and the beautiful wedding ring was exposed!

We were all surprised and I was very happy to have been able to help return this man’s wedding ring prior to his family’s move!