Wedding ring lost while shooting hoops in Cincinnati - Recovered!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman who had lost his wedding ring while playing basketball with his sons at his home. He told me he had felt the ring slip off of his finger while dunking a ball and that he thought that it may have bounced off of his leg as he was coming down. He knew the ring was in his backyard and he thought it was probably on the ground close to the base of the basket ball hoop.

After searching by hand and with a borrowed metal detector he had offered the neighborhood kids a reward if they could find it for him and yet after two weeks he still had not been able to locate his ring. Frustrated and wondering if perhaps a squirrel or raccoon might have carried it off, he asked some friends on-line if they had any suggestions. One of his friends had heard something about the Ring Finders and he suggested a call to a local member which is when we connected.

We arranged to meet and search after work today and though the ring was not as close to the hoop as we had initially hoped, widening my search area a bit I finally did hear the strong response I was hoping for.

I am very happy to have been able to help find this man’s wedding ring and as you can see, he was smiling also!