Lost wedding ring recovered in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received a call today from a young woman who had been out shooting hoops with her family on a sunny Sunday afternoon when she discovered she had lost her wedding ring. She was certain she had lost it while playing ball in her front yard but she and her family had been unable to find it.

It was Tuesday and I had to work late but with a cold front, rain and snow forecast and fast approaching, we decided to search immediately after I was off of work. I arrived at 8:45 pm we reviewed what had happened and I was able to scan her husbands ring which was a duplicate yellow gold composition, though larger in diameter.

I had searched around the goal area for about 30 minutes and I was just getting worried when I decided to search the driveway expansion cracks, flower beds and one more area of the yard behind where the game had been played. I was just three yards into that final search area when I heard the strong signal I had been hoping for!

Somehow her ring had ended up behind the playing area and on the opposite side of the driveway. After a few warm days, it was getting colder with sleet turning to snow and I was happy to be able to recover and return this young woman’s wedding ring. I think she and her family were surprised but happy too as there with smiles all around, making me grateful to have been able to help.