Cell phone recovered while searching for ring, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I was on a search for an heirloom wedding band that had been lost while the couple had been canoeing. The water level was low in my search area but the current strong and after searching for some time with no luck, I did recovered a cell phone. Though the phone was probably ruined, when I separated it from its protective case, I found a note pressed tightly between the case and phone. The note, though damp, was in great condition and it included owners name and out of state address on it.

Thinking the owner might have been vacationing in our area, I decided to try and contact the owner to let her know I had recovered it. All worked out and I was glad to be able to return the phone.

Here is the owner’s story:
“I received the phone in the mail today. Thank you for returning it to me! I thought I would never see it again, since we went back to search for it twice after our canoe tipped in the river. We were canoeing about three weeks ago in the river when we came to a fork, just before the end of our six mile canoe trip. We decided to go left, since the shape of the river on that side was a bit faster than the right side. We approached a tree stump in the water and I tried to steer us away from the log, but we didn’t act soon enough. To our great surprise, the canoe bumped the log and flipped! Next thing I knew we were in the water, our stuff streaming past us in the fast current. I managed to grab some water bottles and towels floating by, but my phone was already nowhere to be seen. It took us a while to get the canoe flipped right side up again, and we were all drenched and tired. We went back to that area of the river to search for it twice: once the day it happened and once two days later, but had no luck. I thought I would never see my phone again!  Thanks again, and good luck with your search!”