Lost Engagement Ring Victoria B.C. Lost, Recovered and Returned

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)




















Kathy was out at the barns tending to her horse. She was at her truck and discovered her ring was gone.   After searching with no luck, Mike her husband turned to the internet and found us. He called me Friday and arranged a search Saturday at 1:00 pm.

By 1:15 pm Kathy had her ring back where it belongs on her finger.

Love my job.

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  1. Kathy and Mike says:

    I was heartbroken when I arrived home from the barn Thursday and discovered that my ring, which I thought was safely stowed in my travel bag, was missing. A search of the barn and my vehicle that night failed to locate the ring my husband had proposed to me with almost 30 years ago. The ring has huge sentimental value to us; we were young, had just bought our first house, and this ring represented the next step of our journey together.

    Mike found Don’s name on the Internet the next day and arranged for him to meet me at the barn on Saturday. Within 15 minutes of meeting, Don I was once again wearing my ring! I am not sure who was happier, me at having it back or Don at having found it for me! Don is a true gentleman and his joy in reuniting people with items precious to them is palpable. Thank you Don!

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