Found 3 lost wedding rings in Vero Beach Florida

  • from St. John's (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

I took my Garrett ACE 350 metal detector on vacation to Florida in hopes that I could locate something of interest and in the first 10 minutes of a visit to one of the beaches in Vero I found 3 nice rings.  Would love to find the owners!

3 Replies to “Found 3 lost wedding rings in Vero Beach Florida”

  1. keith schneider says:

    My daughter in law lost her wedding ring at South Beach in Vero Beach during July of 2014. Did you find one at that beach?

    1. Derrick says:

      I’m not sure which beach is which as I’m a visitor. What date and what does it look like?

  2. keith schneider says:

    July 19th. A marquis cut diamond, split gold band with 2 or three small diamonds on each side.

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