Necklace recovered at Spring Lake Beach NJ

Recovery at Spring Lake NJ,

While enjoying the day at the beach, Jami took off her necklace she received for her communion and placed it on the arm of her beach chair. She took it off to put lotion on and not to get a cross tan line on her chest. She went and moved the chair to under her umbrella for shade forgetting her necklace. She tried to find it but couldn’t. I met her at the spot she was sitting and at first couldn’t find it, but going over the area again I finally got a faint signal and found her necklace. The small size of the necklace and she covered it with sand to bury it deeper looking for it made it a harder signal to hear. I’m just glad I was able to reunite her with her cherish necklace. A great happy ending.

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  1. Nina says:

    I heard this story last night. What a terrific organization. Who knew. I’ve been coming to the Jersey shore for over 60 years and had no idea about these do gooders. Apparently, unbeknownst to the 17 year old badge checker as well who wouldn’t let him on the beach. Thanks to the police officer who suggested she look you up. Otherwise, it may have been lost for ever.

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