Platinum Engagement Ring Lost In The Beach Sand, Found With A Metal Detector, In Kennebunkport, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Wednesday July 3rd, Leah and Greg were enjoying a beautiful summer day, on Goose Rocks Beach, in Kennebunkport, Maine, with Family and Friends. Leah took her Platinum Engagement Ring off, to apply suntan lotion. When Leah took her ring off, she tucked it into her bathing suit, for safekeeping.
A short time later, Leah realized she didn’t have her ring on and when she checked her bathing suit, it was missing.
Since Leah, Greg and everyone else, in the beach party hadn’t moved around the beach, a lot, they knew the ring must be in an area of 10’ X 10’, or so. They all started searching the sand, by running and sifting the sand, through their fingers. After they realized that this was fruitless, and worried they may be moving the ring further from the area or pushing the ring deeper into the sand, they stopped searching.
It was at this point that I received a text, from Erin. Erin is a friend of Leah and Greg and her text said

“We’ve lost a ring at Rox Beach. Are you guys nearby”?

The phone number had a 617 prefix, telling me it was from Massachusetts. I did not know of any area beach, by the name of Rox. I immediately texted back and asked where the beach was located and Erin, immediately texted back “

“Goose rock. Sorry”.

I am very familiar with Goose Rocks Beach, as it only 12 mile from my home. I asked her if the ring was lost, in the water or on the beach. She replied

“On the beach, we know the general vicinity”.

We then made plans to meet, at GRB and I loaded my equipment up and arrived at the beach about 20-25 minutes later. Being retired is a definite advantage to getting to an Emergency situation. I can usually reach any southern Maine beach, in 30 minutes or less.
I was met by Erin, Leah and Greg, at the agreed upon location. They immediately took me down to the area, on the beach, they thought the ring would be in. The area had been cleared out of all the chairs and towels. I turned the detector on and started searching. Maybe 30 to 45 seconds later, I received my 1st signal. A 12-09 on my Minelab CTX-3030. The first number tells me it is most definitely, a non-ferrous item and the second number tells me it is a low conductivity metal. A perfect signal, for gold or platinum. Unfortunately, aluminum foil, brass and a few other metals, will also ring up in this range. The signal got my attention, But what would it be? I then pulled out my pinpointer and searched the very fine sand, until I located the signal. I put my hand, into the sand and pulled it up. No target, in that handful of sand. Placed my hand, back into the small hole and went a few inches deeper. As I was pulling the sand out, I felt and saw a big beautiful Diamond and silver colored ring. I had found Leah’s Ring and in less than 45 seconds . As everyone realized the ring had been found, I heard Leah, Greg and the rest of their group , giving me applause, genuinely thanking me and voices all around, telling me what a great job, I had just done. I almost started to blush, as everyone in the area started looking over at us. But it made me feel so happy that everyone took the opportunity to thank me like that. It’s what keeps driving me to help everyone. A truly amazing moment for me and it never, ever, gets old.
Leah and Greg were just ecstatic with joy and happiness, with smiles all around. As Leah and Greg, walked me back to my vehicle they never stopped thanking me. They were just so appreciative, that I would drop everything and come down to help them. Their constant appreciative talk, kept me on cloud 9 and will keep me there, for quite awhile. Now they can start enjoying their vacation again. I just love being able to help people out in their time of need.
I later texted Erin back, to thank her, for reaching out to me and placing her confidence, in me, to go out and search for Leah’s ring. I then asked her how she had found out, about The Ring Finders of Maine’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service. Erin told me that she had performed a Google search and my name popped up at the top. She then texted me and the rest is history, as they say.
If you ever need my Emergency Metal Detecting Services, please follow my Facebook Page, The Ring Finders of Maine. If you do this, you will not have to perform a Google search. You will be able to quickly find me with your Facebook account and you will also be able to contact me, directly from my Facebook Page. That’s right, you can call me, directly from my Facebook Page. How easy is that? — in Goose Rocks Beach, Maine.

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  1. Lea and Greg says:

    Thank you so much!! A very scary situation that turned out to be such a relief. And within 45 seconds! We are so lucky and grateful for Dennis and his sincere work to help people! Thank you so much – Dennis and The Ring Finders have a special place in our hearts.

    – Lea and Greg

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