Metal Detector Needed - Mobile, AL

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Well this was a first for me! Last week, I had a call from a guy in Mobile, AL who explained that he was a Utilities contractor and had found me on I made sure he knew that I usually find lost rings in the Gulf, etc. and he said, If I can find a tiny little ring, then he’s betting I can find a 70lb valve 3-4ft deep. I told him that I would be glad to try. I was in Mobile for work on Thursday so I went by after and talked to the foreman. I found it only minutes later, quite a long way from where their plans had it listed. Everyone was thrilled and the foreman said I saved them a ton of money because now they could finally start the asphalt. I can honestly say that this was the first time I’ve needed a mini-excavator to dig out my find. 😄 I might need one of those for the beach. Haha

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  1. Matt Boevers says:

    Wow kool find

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