Lost Class Ring - Pensacola Beach Spring Break - FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

What a great night recovery.  I got a call tonight from Debbie about 7:30 pm very worried about her daughter Lyndsay’s class ring.  It turns out that earlier in the afternoon on Pensacola Beach Lyndsay was trying to take a sunset picture of her gorgeous Texas A&M solid gold class ring and she dropped it straight down into the sand.  As is often the case, even though she thought she knew exactly where it was, she and her family couldn’t find it because of the way the sand moved the gold deeper and deeper.  They finally called me and were wondering if they should buy a metal detector.  I explained why I didn’t think that was a good idea and after a quick chat decided that I would head out to the beach to meet them immediately.  It was a cool night but things went great and I was able to recover her ring for her in less than 15 minutes in the dark.  Not bad for the first recovery of Spring Break 2018.  😊


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  1. Lindsay Hullet says:

    Thank you Dave!

    My family recently went to watch the sunset at Pensacola Beach. About 30 minutes before sunset, I lost my Aggie Ring in the sand. After searching for almost 30 minutes, my mom and I decided to go buy a metal detector to see if we could come back and find it. After checking multiple stores for metal detectors and not finding any, my sister came across Dave Cartee’s website and sent us the link. We called him around 7:30, and with no hesitation he agreed to come out and find it for us. He even told us he’d have it within an hour.

    By the time we were able to meet Dave at the beach, it was pitch black and freezing cold. We told him the general area where I had dropped it, and he searched with his metal detector for a few minutes. Just when my mom and I were starting to doubt that we had remembered the right location, he dug up a pile of sand, sifted through it, and pulled out the ring. And it only took him about 10 minutes!

    I am so thankful that Dave was willing to come out at night and in the cold. I thought I had lost my ring forever, but he found it no problem. If you ever lose a ring in the Pensacola area, don’t hesitate to give him a call!

    Lindsay Hullet

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