Lost Ring Perdido Key - FOUND

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This worked out great!  Jason called me and told me that he had lost the wedding band that had been on his finger for 14 years in chest deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.  I felt horrible telling him that I wasn’t able to get in the water for a week because of Doctor’s orders.  I gave him the number of another ringfinder and wished him well.  I called back to check on him a few days later and found out that because of the depth they weren’t able to recover it.  I decided to call my doctor and I got cleared and gave Jason the good news.  I ended up finding it in only 37 mins and mailed Jason back his ring in Illinois.  As you can see, it is back on his finger where it belongs.  Jason was a little shy so he didn’t send a smile picture but check out his testimonial if you really want to see how happy he is.  Congrats Jason!