RIng Found at Oval Beach, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Laura Did It Again, Oval Beach Michigan:
Laura lives in California but spends the summer months with her mother here in West Michigan. On her 2020 visit she had lost her wedding ring at Oval Beach, and Gregg Larabel and I went to look for it and Gregg found it. Today, Laura called again. Almost 2 years has gone by and she lost the same ring while she and her mother were at the beach. Gregg was tied up, so I made a solo trip to Oval Beach. On arriving at the beach I had no trouble recognizing Laura. She showed me a small area between the walkway to the water and the dune grass where the ring had to be. On my very first sweep through that area I received a good signal near the dune grass edge, and, looking down, I could see a tiny section of the rim of her ring sticking out of the sand. I called Laura over and she also immediately saw her ring. Her first comment was “Oh my gosh, somebody could have seen that”. This is one gorgeous ring folks, and she is so happy to have it back on her finger again. Now she can enjoy the summer with her mother. Final comment I made to Laura: “we have to quit meeting like this!”

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