Wedding ring recovered in Grand Rapids, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
In the vicinity of Lookout Park in Grand Rapids there are several long sets of steep stairs to get you up the bluff. What a place to lose a ring! Gregg, my fellow Ringfinder, received a call from Kate saying she just lost her wedding ring coming down these steps. Since Gregg is out of town he turned it over to me to find. I met Kate at the top of the stairs and she said that she and her husband were working out by running up and down these stairs. She saw the ring come off her finger and bounce a couple of times on the concrete steps before going into the brush on the left side of the steps. They looked for the ring for a long time and finally called for help. Overhead power lines were creating a lot of interference, and the area was full of trash, further complicating the search for the ring. Finally I used my pinpointer to search the area closest to the concrete edge of the steps, and found it under about 2 inches of soft dirt that had been stirred up by tramping thru that area. Married for only six months and now she has her ring back!!

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