St. Christopher medal recovered from Hutchins Lake, Fennville, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

 I received a call last night from Ryan, stating he had just lost his gold Saint Christopher medal. It was a valuable piece, but priceless to Ryan as it had been his grandfather’s — just talking about the loss kind of choked him up. He had been playing with his daughter in about 3 feet of water when the gold chain broke, and chain and medallion dropped into the water. With some searching he found the chain but not the medal. He had a pretty good idea of where it was lost by lining up landmarks on shore and some boats nearby (good job Ryan). Gregg and I met them within an hour of his call and the search was on. I was on my second leg through that area when I got the unmistakable sound of gold and had it in my scoop. After a few whoops and hollers and some pictures we were headed home after our second successful search this weekend. Picture is Ryan, Melissa and daughter, Shayla.

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