Ring Saved from Lake Michigan.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Ring was lost near New Era.  On Sunday Clayton was playing catch with a football in just about one foot of water when he felt his wedding ring slide off his finger.  Gregg Larabel and I headed out right away on Monday afternoon because the wave action of Lake Michigan has a way of burying rings forever.  Although Clayton had to work and couldn’t be there, Gregg and I met about 15 family members and friends at the waters edge of the rental cottage, and Clayton’s dad, Mike, showed us where to start:  right where Clayton had stuck a stick in the water where he thought he lost his ring.  After about 10 minutes of searching I got a good hard signal of 55 on the At Pro detector about 6 feet from Clayton’s stick in the water.  Then the digging started.  After lots of scooping with no results I called Gregg over, and he scooped some more, but we didn’t have the ring.  I rechecked the huge hole we had dug to see if the 55 signal was still there and it was.  Just one more big deep scoop into the hole and ring was in my scoop!  The whole crowd on the beach erupted in a cheer!  After only about 24 hours the ring was already buried over 12 inches, we got it just in time.  Clayton’s parents, Mike and Jennifer, stood in for the picture in the absence of Clayton but we got a happy picture of Clayton and his wife after receiving his ring back.  Good memories saved for the 2021 vacation on Lake Michigan.