Engagement Ring Found in Dorr, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I received a text today from Stephanie, stating the engagement ring she received in January is missing.  She remembers taking if off by the kitchen sink when she was making a cheesecake a few days ago, but couldn’t say she remembers putting it back on.  As a volunteer fire fighter, she was called to a house fire that day, and then immediately after to a grass fire.  When she arrived at the grass fire she realized her ring was missing.  A few days later a friend told her about RingFinders and she sent me the text.  Gregg Larabel and I headed out immediately and met Stephanie at her house.  She recalled the day for us, and we quizzed her about her search so far.  She said she searched all over the house and in all the clothes she was wearing that day.  She invited us into the house and showed us where she remembers putting the ring, on the counter next to the sink.  She had already checked the drain in the sink.  Our standard question for everyone is, “Did you save the trash from that day?”.  She said “Yes, and it’s in the bin outside”.  She also recalled taking off her wet gloves at the house fire, which is a common way for a ring to come off the hand.  Seeing that she had checked the house so thoroughly we decided the site of the house fire was our next place to search.  As we were leaving we passed the trash bin and decided to check that first.  There was one small bag right on top and she said, “this was all the trash since the day the ring was lost”.  Gregg opened that small bag and I stuck the pinpointer on a brown paper bag crumbled up which was right on top.  The pinpointer started to vibrate and buzz right away, and I thought there must be some tin foil in there.  But when we unfolded the brown paper bag, THERE IT WAS!!!!!!  All three of us stood there with our mouths wide open for a second, in shock, but what a way to brighten your day.

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