Wedding Ring Found on Roadside Near Bangor, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)
Got a call from Tracy saying she lost her wedding ring out the window of her car. She and Mike, her husband, were driving down the road when they spilled some ice in the center console cup holder. Tracy grabbed the cup holder insert and threw the ice out the window. Oops, she forgot she had taken off her ring and put it in that cup holder. The next day they went back to look for the ring in daylight. Lying in the gravel beside the road they found the pad that had been in the bottom of the cup holder. Good! The ring must be nearby! But they didn’t find it.
So yesterday Mike took me to the area the ring was lost and I searched for about 2 hours until darkness shut me down. I told Mike I’d be back with reinforcements.
Today Gregg Larabel, Tom Cleary and I were determined. (And it really is a lot more fun when you have somebody searching with you.) On arriving on site we decided who would look where, and in about 15 minutes I found the ring about 5 feet from the gravel shoulder, nestled down in the thick gnarly grass — and about 20 feet from where they found the cup holder pad. I can’t be sure why I missed it yesterday, but it could just have been that I came at it from a different angle, making the “masking” effect of roadside debris less pronounced.
Tracy was at work. so we texted her for the address so we could deliver her ring to her. She came outside and we all celebrated the return of her ring. We took a few pictures on this beautiful December day and everybody went on with their day with a big smile on their face.                                                                                                                                        

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