Ring Found In Water At Grand Haven City Beach, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I received a call this late afternoon from my hunting friend Gregg Larabel.  He had just received a lost ring call and they wanted to look for it tonight.  But since Gregg was busy I would have to go on this one by myself.  Phil and some family members rented a cottage for a few days at the beach.  Phil is originally from Lansing but now lives in Baton Rogue and now spending some time with his family on vacation.  They were playing catch in about chest-deep water when he caught the football with his left hand, and somehow his wedding ring went flying off his finger.  He(very cleverly) left his brother to mark the spot while he went to call for help.  I arrived about 7 PM and met his father and mother on the beach.  They pointed out Phil, who was in the water guarding the spot where the ring was lost.  After wading out and meeting Phil, he said his ring shouldn’t be more than 10 to 15ft from him, so he stayed in that spot and I hunted the area around him.  After about 20 minutes I got a good(GOLD)signal and called Phil over, telling him this should be it.  After a couple of scoops we had his beautiful 14K gold ring.  In checking it, I see their wedding date engraved inside the ring and guess what: their 1st wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.  His smart moves in calling right away and carefully marking the spot made all the difference.  We not only saved good vacation memories but added a good note to their upcoming wedding anniversary.                                                                          

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