Ring Found at Dyckman Beach, South Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

No skill here, just plain luck!!  Received an email from Rachel late on Friday night saying her husband, Mike, lost his wedding ring in Lake Michigan.  They were smart to contact me so quickly.  The Big Lake was really churning yesterday and today was expected to be the same, so Gregg Larabel and I arrived this morning to meet Mike at the beach.  He showed us the area where he lost his ring–somewhere between the white and red buoys(see picture).   I have to admit our hearts sank after looking at the wave conditions and the area to cover.  Just standing in the waves was going to be a challenge.  We are well aware of the dangers in Lake Michigan.  Anything over waist deep in these conditions is a no-no for us because of the dangerous rip currents.  But we’re here; we’ll give it a try up to our limit.  Mike did say that midway between the buoys was probably the most likely spot to search.  In the picture you can see that’s where I headed–and that is about where I found his ring.  I received only one good target and assumed it would be a pull tab, but then, a pull tab way out here is unlikely.  After several waves pushed me off target I finally had the target in my scoop and to my surprise it was his ring.  We were out there less than ten minutes.  I still cannot believe it!  Mike is a music director for his church and his prayers were answered today.