Ring Found At Oak Beach, South Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Levi, Ian and friends headed north to spend some time in the paradise of West Michigan.  They were enjoying some beach time today when Ian put his cap on the sand, and his girlfriends ring on top of the cap for safe-keeping.  When they were getting ready to leave, the cap went back on Ian’s head, and oops, he remembered about the ring too late.  Thankfully Levi emailed me for help right away, and I was off for the hunt.

Levi, and Ian met me at the beach head and led me down the path to the right spot on the beach.  The beach was crowded, and I was worried I might have to ask some people to move, if they would, for a minute so I could search under their blankets and other beach equipment.

But I made one pass down the search area and was halfway back when I got the sweet sound of the ring.  The whole beach joined in the celebration of the find.  I love this hobby where you can save good memories for good people.