Lost Ring While Mowing Lawn-Found-Grand Rapids, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

On this cold and dreary day, Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder and I went looking for the ring Ryan lost while he was mowing his lawn on his riding lawn mower.  Like all of West Michigan this time of year, Ryan’s fairly large front yard was covered with leaves–and the front yard is where Ryan thought he probably lost his ring.  We started hunting right away and found a few coins, then, after about an hour of hunting, I got a good signal and parted the leaves to see his ring lying right on top of the ground near a tree.  I stuck a stick in the ground to mark it, and left it where it was.

Ryan was not home from work yet, so we raked up a few leaves from his driveway while waiting and worked on how we were going to surprise him with the ring.  As he arrived home with the two kids in tow we told him we did not have much luck, and showed him the coins we had found.  We gave him our story that there must be some kind of buried pipe under the lawn over by that tree.  I gave him my pin-pointer and told him to check that area near the stick I had stuck in the ground.  It took him a couple of seconds to move some leaves and see his ring for the big surprise.  His reaction made our day!

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