Badminton can be a contact sport!

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Received an email from Greg today saying he needed help in finding his wife’s earring that was lost yesterday playing doubles in their backyard sand filled volley/badminton court.  In the heat of the battle Greg swung and hit Kate in the head by mistake with his racket.

After the match and heading back to the house she noticed her earring missing.  Time to call TheRingfinders!  Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, and I jumped in the car and headed out for the search.

Greg showed us the spot where they were standing when Kate was hit in the head with the racket and nearby I got a good signal.  Greg knelt down and used his fingers to sift thru the sand and retrieved his wife’s earring.

As you can see the earring should be in a U shaped so he hit her pretty good to straighten out the wire.  They won the badminton match so Kate forgave him for hitting her in the head.  The smiles on their faces is what it is all about.